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October 5, 2010

On-line Advertising and Privacy Rights

Google’s AdSense for publishers and AdWords for businesses are probably the most familiar digital advertising services for most of us. However, there are additional services, I realized, after noting a link on the Yahoo! home page today.

Yahoo! offers a wide variety of advertising and web analytics with its Yahoo! Display Advertising Solutions. Businesses may also be interested in the Right Media Exchange, the first, and the largest exchange marketplace for digital advertising.

Web site publishers and bloggers can generate an income stream from their sites by joining the Yahoo! Publisher Network and displaying content-relevant advertising, similar to Google’s AdSense.  However, the primary intent of this post is to suggest that Yahoo’s privacy and advertising practices page is a great reference source for consumers, advertisers and publishers. The information extends beyond Yahoo! to include:

  • online behavioral advertising methods described by the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI)
  • what consumers should do to manage which interest-based ad categories to receive
  • how consumers can opt-out of some or all advertising
  • how to set browser controls and plug-in’s to select and maintain privacy choices.
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