Google Sidewiki

Why is Google Sidewiki only available for Internet Explorer and Firefox?  This Google page states that Sidewiki is a feature of Google Toolbar, which is only available on IE and Firefox. However, there is a Google Chrome browser extension to enable Sidewiki usage.

The obvious question is: Why would Google Sidewiki not be available for users of Google Chrome browser?

A second question: Why does the page heading list the product as

Google sidewiki

yet the text refers to the product as


with a capital ‘S’ ?

This is not a minor typographical error, as there are copyright and trademarks associated with all Google’s products.

One last observation: I just noticed that the URL is non-US domestic:

I’m uncertain if that is of any relevance. I arrived at this page merely by going from my own Google profile to one of my Sidewiki entries on the subject of Sidewiki.

To be continued….
via Google Sidewiki.


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