Google Tags Special Offer

The naming and categorization of Google product lines is getting confusing. Google has innovated and introduced new items so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up with their fast pace!

The items described in this post are products for businesses, although not exclusive to the enterprise-level, perhaps the opposite, in fact.

It would really help to use a flow chart or diagram to keep track of everything!

Google Places

  • a business listing associated with a unique location on Google Maps.
  • includes text, a rating, the hours of operation, photo, directions, and potentially other options
  • Places entries are returned as a response to queries submitted to Google Search.
  • Places may also appear as a sidebar in Google Maps.

Google Tags: Promote your business on Google search and Maps

Google Tags are a new optional feature for Google Places. Google describes Tags as an enhancement feature, presumably to appear on Google Places listings, on Google Maps AND/OR in Google search itself, with Places but without Maps.


As of today November 10, 2010, Google was making the following special offer from the Welcome to Google Places page:

New! For a limited time, you can activate tags for free, and cancel anytime.


All comments welcomed! Less enthusiastic about spam though.

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