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December 5, 2010

Very Basic Google Analytics

self made by Thisisborin9 in Microsoft PowerPoint

Made in MS PowerPoint via Wikipedia

I do not like video training. It is often difficult to hear and understand what the speaker is saying. Attention span wanders in fifteen minutes, or less, for most of us!  The material delivery pace doesn’t usually match mine. I often find myself going back and replaying a section over and over and over until I understand it. Or until I crash my browser, or annoy everyone around me! That’s why I prefer slides or annotated screen shots, whether Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Reader or SlideShare documents.

This presentation was posted on SlideShare. The topic is Google Analytics with a focus on Chrome browser users. Although the time stamp is 2007, it covers Google Analytics in its current, post Urchin format. Urchin was an earlier form of tracking offered by Google Analytics, and no longer supported.

I found it worthwhile. It consists of twenty very well annotated screen shots from a Google Analytics account, as viewed within the Chrome browser. I was able to spend as little, or as much, time as necessary on each image. I didn’t get sleepy and distracted, as I do when watching the Official Google Analytics channel on YouTube. The content is basic, and fundamental enough that it isn’t outdated, insofar as I could tell.