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January 7, 2011

Contacting Support or Aardvark

These are the options offered by Google for contacting user support:

  • Email
    1. Report a problem:  contact_type = problem
    2. Send feedback:   contact_type = feedback
  • Search the Help Center
  • Ask an expert

Don’t expect a response to your email. Google says that isn’t their policy in most cases.

Next option is The Help Center. The Help Center for most Google products is a distinctly user do-it-yourself arrangement, also known as users helping other users, a.k.a. the blind leading the blind in the worst-case scenario. Google employees do track and respond to issues, but with a varying amount of attentiveness and follow-through.

I really like the sound of the last option…. What’s that about? is Aardvark!

Can’t find what you’re looking for in our Help Center? Let Aardvark try to find an expert for you.

Ask an expert at .

Aardvark is alive and well as a Google product. Don’t be misled by the seemingly non-Google domain name.

Aardvark logo from CrunchBase

An Aardvark from TechCrunch

More details should be available from the Google contact page: contact_type = contact_policy .

Not fluent in Python? Me neither. This is the URL syntax for using contact_type :

Note that everything in this post is specific to Google Toolbar. Contact options differ to varying degrees for each Google product.

January 7, 2011

AdSense Promotional Stickers Reappear

Google AdSense is once again offering their promotional stickers. They appeared for the first time as a post on the Inside AdSense blog back in March of 2008. I was looking at the AdSense Resources page this morning, and noticed a pleasant oval image

AdSense Sticker usage

Get your AdSense stickers!

The link is for the original story from AdSense blog, “Stick-em Up”. After scrolling to the end of 170+ comments, I finally saw the entry from November 21, 2010 by the Inside AdSense Team. Send your self-addressed stamped envelope to the address provided and receive a sticker by mail. Assuming any remain available. I’m uncertain of that, as I just sent my envelope this morning…