Products and Shopping

Google Product Search for Small Businesses

Google Product Search is a fast search engine for finding and comparing products from online stores. It is comprehensive, and useful for locating both common and obscure  items. It claims to be unbiased, as no payment is required for product listings.

Google Product Search does not sell products. Our job is to find the product you want and point you to the store that sells it … all advertising that appears on Google Product Search is clearly labeled.

via About Google Product Search.

Google Commerce Search 2.0 for Enterprise

Google Commerce Search is a powerful search solution designed specifically for online retailers.

commerce search for YouTube

The YouTube Store uses Google Commerce Search

Pricing for Google Commerce Search is targeted toward larger businesses:

The pricing model for Google Commerce Search is based on the number of products/items (SKUs) in your catalog and the number of search queries entered on your site each year. Pricing starts at $25,000 per year.

Merchant dashboard

Screen shot of Google Product Search: Control Panel Settings on Merchant Dashboard

All activities for Google Product Search are controlled using the Merchant Dashboard.

Commerce search flow

Commerce search for online shopping

More details about Google Commerce Search version 2 (GCS 2.0), including flowcharts are available from this GCS 2.0 datasheet in pdf format.


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