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Detailed guidelines for the free Google Scholar search service are available.


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Confirm your that your usage adheres to attribution and branding standards. DO peruse an example.  The “Do and Don’t” list is quite extensive.

There are many alternatives to Google Scholar. In fact, there are a surprisingly large number of specialized search engines available in general. Most of us are not aware of these search products unless we use them, as the major mainstream providers, Google, Bing and Yahoo are so highly visible.

Entrez search services are one example. The U.S. Government does not play favorites with Google. At least, not always. Entrez designed search engines are used by the National Institutes of Health and National Medical Library’s and National Center for Biotechnology Information, for the vast and complex searches required for bioinformatics, genome research queries and a list of 50 other specialized fields of medical inquiry.

Google Scholar is useful because it facilitates both searches for scholars and their publications. An alternative search engine that focuses more on the individual scholars themselves, and includes only active faculty, is Scholar Universe, one of several specialized search engines from

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