Google Books Error Page

Google Books.

Google Books error message

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3 Comments to “Google Books Error Page”

  1. cool 404 error msg.

    I personally love the Google Book Search. It was with the book search that I was able to track down some rare manuscripts at various libraries because Google included the library stamps in the digitized version. Just imagine trying to visit libraries after libraries to find these uncatalogued manuscripts.

    I have a lot of admiration for the Google Books and Scholar project. Too bad they are running into legal road-blocks.


    • So glad you liked it! I thought it was such a clever idea to create a 404 that evoked that other Fail Whale, but had the feel of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick.

      I like Google Book Search too. Both Google Book Search and Google Scholar have been great for finding peer-reviewed research articles and even books that my father wrote 50 or more years ago. My father is no longer in this life. I had no idea how much he had accomplished. The Google Books digitizing of document bindings and all sorts of other little details make it much more valuable because all sorts of little details that are important to me are captured, which isn’t true for an ordinary WorldCat online search.

      Yes, I just read about the legal troubles too. I thought that there was a settlement fully in place, but apparently it wasn’t finalized. Or something. I’m not attorney, nor familiar enough with the case to know why this lawsuit issue is cropping up again now.

      If you have a web site, which I know you do, you can include a Google Books or Google Scholar search “widget” in the sidebar. Well, I know you can with Books, as I have one on another of my blogs, am less certain about Scholar. Maybe that would be fodder for another blog post! Yay!

    • Wow, I just saw your glorious website, the collection of Lewis Carroll letters. Viewed without, and with, HTML5. I don’t know what took me so long to make the connection. What a beautiful job you did with it! Amazing! Here is the link, should any one else read this and be curious to see: Red Scarf Vest Pink Tumblr.

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