How to add a Google Gadget

Image by jblyberg via Flickr

Suite of Google Gadgets for Libraries

Google offers a service called home page gadgets which are little pieces of content and web functionality that you can put on the main Google page (as it appears to you) or your own iGoogle page.

This is useful if you visit often. If so, you can customize the page with Google Gadgets that give whatever information you find most personally relevant. Some examples are weather reports for your area, news headlines or the latest entries from your favorite blogs or websites.

I don’t have an iGoogle page

That’s OK. You don’t have to have an iGoogle page to use Gadgets. You can add Google Gadgets to the classic Google page.

How do I install a Google Gadget?

Go to the Google Gadgets catalog. To prevent any spyware or virus issues, only install gadgets actually created by Google.

If you are certain the gadget you want to install is from a trustworthy source, such as National Public Radio, consider installing it.

Before installing any gadget, remember this: The only gadgets that are guaranteed safe by Google are those that were made by Google!


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