Chrome Developer Tutorial

UPDATE: 4 April 2011

For web developers

Developer Toolbar console from the Google Chromium Project

This is an excellent tutorial for learning how to use the Developer Tools in the Google Chrome Browser. Hyper-link is to the Official Google Groups Site for the Open Source Chromium Project, not to a third-party provider!

Check your webpage! Find errors! Reduce Page Load Times!

Learn how to use EVERYTHING: Elements, resources, scripts,timelines, profiles, storage and the console. Once you learn the how to use the developer tools, you own the keys to the kingdom.

There are some salient points, for which I selected four articles to more completely explain. Note that the article order does not reflect on Zemanta, as the choices were not based on priority of relevance to web development. They were idly selected in this order according to my own idiosyncratic whims.

Click to Play

Initially, I thought this might be a fun game. I was wrong. It refers to in-line advertising links and videos in general.

Sand boxing

This is important!  Recall that Google Chrome browser has Adobe’s Flash application as a built-in feature. These features are called Chrome Extensions. Chrome and Adobe offer a “sandbox” for Chrome’s Flash component. A sandbox is a circumscribed “safe” area where a developer can do testing, without mishap e.g. crashing the browser. This is also useful for non-developers who might want to “contain” their Flash usage due to a temporary concern about security.

Web Design

This provides more information about the Chrome Extensions* which is the subject of sand boxes, see above.

Browser Cache

This will reveal the location of the elusive browser cache on your computer. It is found easily for other web browsers, in the Options menu for Internet Explorer is the first example that comes to mind. The cache location is not nearly as obvious for Chrome. I need to read the article in fact, as I have no idea where Chrome is storing my browser cache.

Chrome browser extensions

Google Chrome browser extensions

* There are many Chrome Extensions available. Each adds to the memory usage by the browser. If you load up too many, you can definitely hamper Chrome’s delightful responsiveness. That requires a certain effort.

Extensions will be a topic for a separate post.


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