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November 23, 2011

Google Sidewiki is closing

Google Sidewiki will close effective 5 December 2011 and all content will be deleted. Sidewiki was a web annotation experiment of sorts, allowing anyone with access to the internet to comment on any web page, in an ad hoc sort of way.

Google Sidewiki to be seen no more

Sidewiki icon

Demise of another Google Labs project

Google Sidewiki seemed to have a relatively small cadre of regular users. It was initially received with anticipation, and from some surprising sources. According to pharma industry analyst Dominic Tyer, in his coverage of the closure:

Sidewiki was briefly a big deal for pharma…it caused at least one over enthusiastic pharma commentator to declare it a “game changer” at launch two years ago.

Google Sidewiki was plagued by spam and extraneous content from the beginning. Google itself did not seem to stand behind the project as much as with other Labs, as the Google Sidewiki Twitter account and Google Buzz feed were not updated after July 2010, despite remaining online. Google+ is much more closely aligned with the direction Google seems to be taking for social and collaborative web interaction lately.

How to export your Sidewiki contributions

You can do this as follows:

  1. Sign in to your Google account
  2. Go to All my entries to see all Sidewiki content that you have created
  3. Save the page to your computer. It will be in a *.zip file format.
  4. Check that the saved page is readable

Final days for Sidewiki

There is also a Google Toolbar Help Center article about removing Sidewiki for those who don’t use Chrome browser, but it hasn’t been updated since September 2011.

Chrome Extension for Sidewiki

If you use the Sidewiki Chrome extension, see these Help Center instructions  which are up-to-date, about how to remove it.

In order to keep your Sidewiki contributions you must export them before 5 December 2011.