Bing Search: Webmaster Chicken

Google Search has a well-known competitor, Microsoft Bing. Google is first, but Bing (and Yahoo, who contracts search to Bing now) has the second largest share of U.S. domestic internet search volume. Globally, Google is also first, with Baidu, Bing and Yandex in varying relative share positions depending on geographical locale.

Today’s post is about a (no longer) recent entry on one of the five* official Bing blogs.

screen shot of old version of Bing Webmaster Center

Old version of Bing Webmaster

Chickless in Seattle

The Chicken Has Landed (5 June 2013) offers guidance on how to improve search rank, website quality and traffic volume. It is applicable to e-commerce, blogs and most publicly accessible websites.

There is text followed by a video. I have an aversion to watching YouTube video tutorials about search engine optimization, or most anything else. They are boring. They make me sleepy. This video is short, approximately 6 minutes duration. It could almost be considered an informal case study. The suggestions are made in the context of one particular e-commerce site, Business Chicken. The woman who runs the website, and her livestock, okay, only one 😮 were present for filming at Microsoft’s studios in Seattle.

About the title

It is not a search algorithm update, comparable to Google Panda or Venice.  All is explained by the video, Bing Webmaster Tools and Business Chicken. It won’t embed correctly. hosted blogs are only allowed to use OGG and another video format, Theora, maybe.

I still recommend reading the original post, as it includes Bing Webmaster documentation, competitive link analysis tools, and a site map plug-in for Microsoft IIS and Apache servers, for the advanced, self-hosting crowd.

Webmaster Chicken

As for the title of MY post: I could not resist some mild silliness, as the video name reminded me of Grandmaster Flash and the Sugar Hill Gang, from long ago. Alas, Microsoft does not have any staff positions with the job title of Webmaster Chicken. Instead, the official Bing Webmaster Blog is run by congenial Duane Forrester, Bing Senior Product Manager.

Next time: SEO Q&A

Since this is getting lengthy, I’ll save the rest for a separate post. Part 2 will also be about Microsoft Bing. I had a rare opportunity to ask some detailed SEO-related questions, and receive answers, which I’ll reproduce here.

* The five Bing weblogs are Search, Maps, Webmaster, Search Quality Insights and Jobs. They were listed in that particular, non-alphabetic order, but I don’t know why.

All comments welcomed! Less enthusiastic about spam though.

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