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December 8, 2010

Parameter Handling Exhibition and Other Odds and Ends

I’ve used the clip-and-save service recently.  One of my most visually appealing posts on this very blog would not have been possible without the assistance of

Introducing  div class = cliply_clip is the service formerly known as 

I am obviously fascinated by the potential of as an aid for content curation. Not to mention the ability to embed a screen shot without JavaScript, iFrames or JPEG image files. does use an image format. I base that conjecture on the  img src markup when embedding. I’m not certain what variety of image it is though.

I also learned that will not work on pages behind a firewall or pay wall. I was uncertain if it would work on a Google help page.

It does.

Parameter Handling

I chose a Google Webmaster Central help topic as my test subject. The topic was parameter handling.

Parameter handling is useful for purposes of search engine optimization. Parameters can manage duplicate content such as session IDs. Google introduced parameter handling on a limited basis in the first quarter of 2010. It was released to the public in November 2010.

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screen shot using curate dot us clipping from Google Webmaster Central Help Page

Closing remarks about image file formats

Google released an experimental file format for images in late September 2010, named WebP. At this time, it is available for developers only.

WebP was designed to be an improvement over the JPEG format.  JPEG is the most commonly used image file format on the web. It is a troublemaker for web developers, as it causes pages to load slowly. Further details are available from the Chromium Project blog about WebP or the Google Code blog.