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May 11, 2011

TechCrunch and Your Right To Free Speech

First Amendment rights apply to the government, not to private companies. Nor to anyone or anything else that is not the U.S. Government.

This was an excellent and educational article from TechCrunch.

TechCrunch Has Breached Your Right To Free Speech

TechCrunch explains Free Speech

“You know something I love?

The US Constitution. Not because it’s one of the most artfully drafted pieces of legislation on the planet, covering the spectrum of rights due to every man, woman and child in the United States and yet still with less legalese than the average EULA.

Not because of the wonderful stories that surround its creation … “

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November 18, 2010

Yahoo Announces Clues Product and Updates Privacy Policy

Yahoo announced a new search product yesterday, Yahoo! Clues.

Yahoo search engine enhancement

Yahoo! Clues Beta

It offers new features such as trend tracking options. Clues is available as a beta release, and has similar functionality to features offered by Google’s search engine since 2008.

While on the main page for Clues, I noted that the link for the Yahoo! Privacy Policy was highlighted in red and prefixed with an Updated label. I looked further, and was very favorably impressed with Yahoo’s cleaner page design, in comparison to many of Google’s policy and help pages. Somehow I always end up clicking link after link to find what I need on Google help pages. Unfortunately, I usually get distracted along the way!

In contrast, most Yahoo information pages, including the Privacy Policy, are very readable, with most content accessible from a single screen. While Yahoo’s data collection practices might not be substantively different from Google’s (although I am not certain, as I have not perused Yahoo’s policy in enough detail), Yahoo’s page layouts are much easier to negotiate. This makes the underlying content seem more honest, less like there is something hidden, although there is no reason to assume that is Google’s intent.

The other reason for a revised privacy policy is Yahoo’s integration with Microsoft Bing, for both “regular” and sponsored search.  The privacy policy page has details about what information is shared with Microsoft when using the combined Yahoo-Bing search engine.

The policy page provides instructions for opting out of content served advertising. There are also instructions and a link if you want to remove your webpage or sites from appearing as a search result.

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October 19, 2010

The Erosion of Online Anonymity

The Erosion of Online Anonymity

October 5, 2010

On-line Advertising and Privacy Rights

Google’s AdSense for publishers and AdWords for businesses are probably the most familiar digital advertising services for most of us. However, there are additional services, I realized, after noting a link on the Yahoo! home page today.

Yahoo! offers a wide variety of advertising and web analytics with its Yahoo! Display Advertising Solutions. Businesses may also be interested in the Right Media Exchange, the first, and the largest exchange marketplace for digital advertising.

Web site publishers and bloggers can generate an income stream from their sites by joining the Yahoo! Publisher Network and displaying content-relevant advertising, similar to Google’s AdSense.  However, the primary intent of this post is to suggest that Yahoo’s privacy and advertising practices page is a great reference source for consumers, advertisers and publishers. The information extends beyond Yahoo! to include:

  • online behavioral advertising methods described by the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI)
  • what consumers should do to manage which interest-based ad categories to receive
  • how consumers can opt-out of some or all advertising
  • how to set browser controls and plug-in’s to select and maintain privacy choices.
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