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March 21, 2011

Viral Search and Analysis on the Social Web

Twitter follower badge

Twitter badge

Google is making inroads into the field of social search. However, there are alternative providers that specialize in that field that are already well-established. One such search engine is PeopleBrowsr.

Similar to how Google has indexed the web, PeopleBrowsr has indexed Twitter:

With Twitter’s Firehose and our proprietary server technology, we have reliable access to over 3 years of data.

PeopleBrowsr recently introduced a social search engine that has the potential to carve its own niche in the space where Google’s search algorithms and simple Twitter activity trackers intersect.

The new search engine is brand named*. PeopleBrowsr has designed for “online discovery analysis and interaction”. is for consumers, brand marketers and researchers. Its goal is to

build advanced conversation technologies to assemble the collective intelligence through storing, retrieving and indexing every public human conversation. Now at this pivotal era of digital preservation in social media, we’re releasing 1,000 days of Twitter data – free of charge – for deep historical reporting and social search. differentiates itself by offering these four tracking and analysis functions:

  1. The Interest Graph– Access by topic and keyword
  2. Degrees of Separation– A relationship mapping tool to discover the relationship between any two Twitter users
  3. Community Search– drill down searching for user subsets with one or more common attributes
  4. Location-based Search– drill down search within a geographically targeted user group.

The new service’s corporate motto is “Instant Communities In Real-Time with Viral Analytics and Viral Search”.  As of now, it seems to focus exclusively on Twitter stream content.

*Yes, that is correct. operates under the auspices of the Libyan Government, as .ly is Libya’s ICANN-assigned top-level domain.

November 8, 2010

Promoted Tweets Now on Realtime Search

Although Twitter Promoted Tweets Come To Google, according to SearchEngine Land (November 3, 2010), they will not be displayed as part of results returned by regular Google search.

Promoted Tweets carried by Google Realtime Search

Promoted Tweets Now on Realtime Search

How WILL it work?

SearchEngine Land emphasized that Promoted Tweets should be thought of in the context of real-time information.

… regular Google search… sometimes integrates real-time matches along with web search listings and other matches.

[However] they [the Promoted Tweets] will only appear when someone drills-down into the real-time results after doing a regular search at Google, or if they conduct a search from the still relatively new Google Realtime Search home page.

Note the precedent here: this is the FIRST time Google has carried ads directly from someone else’s advertising network, via a Google search product, and not through Google’s AdWords system.

The Promoted Tweets will be displayed first, before all other results returned by Google Realtime Search queries.

What benefit does Google derive from this?

Twitter and Google will split revenue 50/ 50. Twitter has stated that its advertising partners would share equally in Promoted Tweet advertising revenue in the past.